'If only other lecturers went through topics in such extra detail.'

'Thank you for making the first year live up to the name of King's and so much more... I can honestly say that you have inspired me and many other young minds this year.'

'I cannot thank you enough for being the teacher that you are. Not only you managed to awaken my long dormant passion for programming but also my motivation for doing my best at it. Also, the fact that you have the patience to explain every single detail and answer to every question that people might have.'

'It is a priviledge to have you as a lecturer, and I believe you are laying [a great foundation] for our future studies.'

'You really are a gem, one of the only lecturers that really cares and has time for the 1st years.'

'I maintain the stance that it is a ruddy shame you will not be teaching us for the whole duration of our 3 year degree!'

'...let me say that Martin Chapman is a model lecturer: I have never seen such a considerate and helpful lecturer. Answering emails 24/7, helping on the discussion board, his office hours...'

'Martin Chapman. What an honour to be taught by this man. He made the course as enjoyable as possible. This is the best course of CS at King's so far, from all [points] of [view].'

'The lecturers are amazing especially Dr. Martin.'

'Martin is also very quick in replying to email, in-fact replies within few minutes and sometimes within few seconds. This made it really easy for me to make great progress in [programming] throughout both terms than in other modules.'

'I want to thank you for everything you have done for us, and for all the support and effort that you have spent to make sure that we progress and succeed.'

'I think that Martin is a really good lecturer because not only does he cover everything related to what we are assessed on but he does it in an interactive and compelling way which is beneficial for those with little to no Java experience. Which is why the majority of the lecture hall (i feel) are more engaged with his lectures in comparison to our other modules. On top of that he also provides us with extra videos that are very useful for our coursework assignments, and to further our learning to understand and build upon the concepts of Java. I must say I am very impressed with this module so far with the first half of the semester done and look forward to what we will cover in the rest of this year.'

'Martin [is a] model [lecturer]. Martin engages with student in the lectures as well as outside, he answers queries usually within two hours (he rarely misses a question) and provides lots of extra resources.'

'You have been a brilliant lecturer this term. Thank you for everything.'

'Even though I don't understand the concepts completely as of yet, the coursework really helps me to do this. The coursework may be difficult, mind numbing and extremely tiring and annoying at times, it is all worth it as it helps me learn pretty much everything covered in the lectures. Thanks for all your effort and dedication Martin, it's much appreciated.'

'2 teachers have tried to teach me object oriented programming over the last 5 years. You taught me in a period of 3 hours.'

'The lecturer seems to be the best out of all the lecturers of our course. His approach on how to teach is modern, fresh. He's dynamic, he seems [passionate]. I think this module is going to be really interesting and [inspiring]. '

'Absolute model lecturer. Engaging, interesting, handsome. Always responds to emails (most of the time within minutes), and always responds with fully detailed answers to even the most dubious questions. He is the only reason that I am still at KCL. Plus, he has a godly beard.'

'Inspirational human being, is always available for quick chats! That Lush beard definitely makes him more approachable.'

'You did a great job Chief!'

'I am sure many students will agree with me that you were one of the best lecturers we had in our first year.'

'Martin has been known to reply to students emails until the unseemly hours of the morning, with in-depth and detailed responses. Give the man his due tenure and awards.'

'Super efficient teacher. One of the best ive seen.'

'This lecturer has the longest office hours, is always quick to reply on forum or email and his lectures were a absolute delight. He always explains everything thoroughly.'

'His lectures were the best part of my first year, first semester. Everyone attended his lectures. Deserves recognition for his feedback to all students that email him in the early hours of a day a day before an assignment submission and assists them for their coursework's completion.'

'Martin has consistently show an exceptional level of teaching excellence both within and outside of lectures. His1lectures are engaging and well prepared and his support to students outside of lectures is outstanding -often providing extensive replies to queries within minutes. He is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure everyone understands the concepts he is teaching and this is why he deserves to win this award.'

'Because consistently throughout the module he has been a model example for all lecturers in all categories... and has helped students with no confidence grow into smart and strong students. Whenever people asked for help on the forums, or by emailing him, he would respond within minutes and at any time of the day. No matter what the query was he would go above and beyond to provide the help necessary and also the resources required to gain a deeper understanding. He cares for his students and gets to know them providing a friendly environment people feel comfortable in to ask for the help they need and not be afraid of judgement or criticism. He wants the best for all his st,:.Idents and there is no person more perfect for any of these awards than him.'

'Dedicated to his students no matter what time or day of the week will always respond to emails. Explains things clearly and is understanding when you don't get things straight away. Will never turn away a student even if his office hours are over.'

'He delivers lectures very well and is very approachable. He also dedicates so much time to helping students - in particular he spent a number of hours advising me with my coursework, which was greatly appreciated.'

'He caters well for both beginners and advanced programmers. He is ready to take on any questions from the begginner ones to the borderline nitpicking ones.'

'[The teaching of programming] should be more interactive, please ask Martin for advice [if you ever want to teach programming], making it fun.'

'Make programming [more] interactive; I like Martin's lecture style a lot.'

'Thank you for always answering my programming questions night or day, weekday or weekend. I don't think I would've done well in [programming] without you!'

'Martin Chapman is probably the most incredible [teacher] I have ever come across... He takes an informal approach to get to know all of his students... It’s not like he will tell you how a question is done and just let you carry on with the rest. Martin takes you through the question by producing interactive scenarios. We are often told to `act out’ questions in front of the group. This not only helps us understand concepts better because we see it displayed live, but also develops a sense of confidence. That is why I happily went to volunteer in front of approximately 100 students in our first [Programming Applications] lecture. Martin is always willing to help you outside lessons as well, you can always email him with queries and he keeps you up to date with any lesson developments. He's a fantastic [teacher].'

'He has a way of teaching students while keeping them interested and is always patient. He is always approachable and willing to help. Every time he teaches us (in lectures or office hours) it is obvious that he loves teaching his subject and that makes the subject less daunting to new programmers. The modules would not be the same without him.'

'He makes difficult things seem much more simple, and is very patient…. makes sure we understand everything before leaving us. He is a huge asset to King’s College. He is very motivating and when he has given revision lectures/normal lectures, he has been very clear, organised and produces fantastic slides.'

'He is so passionate in what he does and it shows. His way of teaching is amazing and inclusive, especially considering how hard programming is to teach to such a large group of students. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and are captivated by his lectures, not to mention all the hard work he puts in behind the scenes to ensure we get the very best materials, assignments and marks. He truly is a star and will go on to great places, inspiring countless people along the way.'

'Martin is an excellent teacher, his lectures are the most engaging and most useful out of the lst year Computer Science modules. He is incredibly quick to respond to students both via email and on the forum, I often receive a. response in a matter of minutes. He also provides excellent positive and constructive feedback.'

'Martin is an excellent lecturer. He is extremely passionate and helpful. His dedication is limitless -always happy to help both in person and via the email (regardless of time -he sometimes responds at 3 am!). The course he runs -PP A, is crucial for our future careers. We are provided with excellent slides and many different useful materials. He is a model lecturer.'

'Dr Chapman's lectures are comprehensive, interactive and interesting. He also dedicates a lot of time to help us with our course in the form of long office hours and prompt feedback to any questions regarding the course. From my point of view, he is the best lecturer I've had.'

'Martin is one of the most helpful lecturers ever. Whenever someone posts a question on the Q& A board of the PPA module, he will always answer it instantly, whether it is early in the morning or late at night, with informative and helpful descriptions. Martin is always hard at work to create helpful video to guide our learning (like the Hints & Tips videos he does for the assignments, which are always very in depth and detail, and Feedback videos for every single assignment). His lectures were engaging even for someone who has previous experience in programming, and he provided challenge problems for those who wanted to be challenged. In the lecture breaks, students can be seen forming long queues to get assistance and Martin manages to help almost every single one of them.'

'Passion, persistance, around the clock support and feedback, extra materials provided. A person you can call a mentor, someone to look up to and learn from.'

'The hardest part about the TEA 217 form wasn't choosing who I wanted to nominate -that was a no-brainer -but rather choosing a category to nominate Martin for. He would be the best choice for all the above awards. His teaching approach is inspiring, cutting edge and he always manages to keep the attention focussed on the subject and moving forward. It is clear that he is teaching a field that he loves. His passion is evident and that is conveyed through his excellent teaching. I believe teaching is almost a bi-product, being in his lecture, I feel he tries to inspire us and share a passion through teaching. His care for the students is also exceptional. From quick email responses late on a Sunday night to detailed replies on the forums, he has always gone the extra mile. Its been an absolute pleasure being in his class this year and I hope for more in the years to come!'

'He's always helpful, always happy to help and always available. He will download your code and try it to then give you feedback at any time. Shows his passion and dedication for the subject. '

Teaching Excellence Awards, King's College London, 2017

© Martin Chapman

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